Floral spring digi paper pack and 3 scrapage layouts inspriration

Hello, my lovely crafty friends!

Even there is a very strange time these days, I try to keep myself thinking positively. I focus on positive moments in my days and I try to keep myself a company :-).
This is why I have more freebies now, or more product launches. I even started upload youtube videos as well :-) and I decided to make blog post series focused on digital scrapbooking :-) ...YAY!!! 

My floral spring paper pack  Spring is here! Don't miss this amazing time!

One of the ways, how I celebrate spring is making a new color palette for my work. I love designing new patterns, and color is one of the key elements of design. And this is the way how started the story of my new digital paper pack :-).

I love all the colors I picked for this spring paper kit. And I love floral elements, of course :-). I have had an amazing time designing these lovelies...They just make me happy :-). All details about papers are here >>>

My favorite paper from this collection is the top …

Freebie: This is must have!

Hello friends!

My story behind this free printable for you is very simple. Many people are stuck at home because of COVID-19 virus. And a sympathetic response to the situation is spreading over the Internet. Many content creators are offering something extra. Some of them make extra videos, some of them make challenges call and some of them make extra freebies. And I guess this is so encouraging...

I know I make freebies pretty regularly on my blog. And I make a lot of free scrapbook designs for community  (there are more than 50 free designs right now!).

But I would like to be a part of "youtube freebie" community too. I started creating youtube content these days and some of my favorite YouTubers from journaling theme are already published very cute freebies!

And here is my freebie! You can download this printable PDF sheet here >>> (This free printable sheet is only for personal use. )

For this free label printable sheet, I decided to create a c…

Collage journal - flip through video FEB 2020

Hello my friends!

I have a new video to share with you! This time, it is a flip through of February pages in my collage journal. 

Do you enjoy my collages? So you could find interesting my JOURNAL WITH ME video right on youtube.
I hope, you all are well and healthy!
Take care and bye for now.

Featured designer at MyMemories - yes! it is ME

Hello my friends!

I have very exciting news to share with you! This week I was featured designer at MyMemories shop.


I am grateful for this opportunity to share a little bit about me, why I love shapes in scrapbooking and so on.
I mentioned my free kit "Try new shapes" I created for all "shape using beginners". So if you would like to try some shapes, in this kit you will find shapes and papers for filling them out. Even on this page, you can find some SVG freebies!

But back to the MyMemories shop and featured designer. Every featured designer usually offers sales in his shop and me too. So enjoy the best prices this week!

My MyMemories shop is here >>>

Have a beautiful week!

I have new paper pack

Hi, my dear friends!

I enjoy running my Etsy shop and I try to launch some new products every week. One of the best selling product category is my digital paper pack collection based on my own vector seamless patterns.

I love to play with pattern elements and colors. I enjoy designing new shapes and clusters for placing them into interesting patterns.

This week I came up with a really playful and colorful paper collection. I simply love the combination of dark yellow, teal, and red. There is something magical or fairy... or maybe childishly playful. However it is, I love this collection and I hope you also :-).

Here are some of my favorite paper combinations:

And you can find all 10 beautiful and colorful patterned papers with playful carnival mask here >>>

Have a nice and creative day!

New freebie: Lovely memories

Hello friends.

Today morning I was analyzing my blog statistics and I am so so happy you like my freebies!

This kinds of posts are most popular on my blog and I am really glad about it! I like the idea giving something to the crafting and creative people community trouhg internet. It brightens my days.

I recently created a new product for junk journaling. You can fint it in my Etsy shop, it is Lovely memories printable kit. I love it! There are totaly 8 printable pages: one sheet of journaling lined papers, two patterned sheets and 5 sheets with cute ephemera. Kit is designed in lovely pink colors. Just have a look at...

And, since I love collaging, creating matching collage kit was must to for me! I made 3 sheets full of 2 inch circle elements and I think they turned out really pretty. I decided to make from one of them freebie! Yes.
Here it is:

>>> You can download hight quality printable JPG image here.

But, if you like theese designs, you may like whole Collage sheets…

New ideas: How I use my junk journals.

Hello, my creative friends!

I was asked by some of you to discuss more about junk journals and "this type of journals and journaling". I share a lot of my junk journal spreads on Instagram or Pinterest, so if you are interested in some more examples, go and check out my profiles. On the left sidebar of the webpage, you will find all links to my social media profiles. 
So, what is a junk journal? This term includes a big variety of journals. They are hand made and the creator uses various types of papers for journal pages. It is really up to you what you prefer. Some people use only blank papers, some people use blank and patterned papers, other ones use printable kits for junk journals and there are often used random junk papers like book and magazine pages, mails and so on.
There are different options for covers too. They can be soft or hard, from papers or fabric and etc.
An excellent source of research and examples is my favorite Pinterest :-).

Here is one of mines:

How t…